Power & Gas

It doesn't matter if you live in Tuscaloosa or Northport. For Power and Gas there are through Alabama just one provider for each. For power you have to enroll in Alabama Power and for Gas it's Spire (former Alagasco).

alabama Power

For sure you have to enroll for your power from Alabama Power.


If you rent a home in the most cases the power is already setup and you just have to call Alabama Power to change the billing name from your landlord to yours. In some cases you need to go to an Alabama Power Office show your ID and make a deposit ($ 100).


If you buy a new home you can enroll (Start/Stop Service) through the website of Alabama Power. Once you started this process they will let you know what you have to do or bring to start the service physically.


On the website of Alabama Power you can manage your bill, learn how to be more energy-efficient and discover what’s new to make your home smarter. We’ve done the research, curated expert tips and products, and outlined your options to help you make the best decisions for you and your home. We invite you to explore our products and services and learn all the ways we are working to improve your life.




915 Queen City Ave

Tuscaloosa, AL 35401

(800) 613-9333



Monday-Friday from 8:15AM – 5:00PM


At This Location you can

• Pay Bill/Deposit

• Pay via Dropbox

• Start/Stop Service

• Show Lease and ID

spire (former alagasco)

In the most american homes you will have gas. Either for heating, cooking or both. 


You can enroll for gas in the same way as for power. If there is already a service to your house you just have to change the name (and adress) with spire.


On the website of spire you will find all services you need. You can do there all the following things:

  • Get in contact with spire
  • Start service
  • Tun gas on/off
  • Find rates & tariffs
  • Upgrade you pipeline

IMPORTANT:  If you smell gas


To report a gas leak or suspected leak, outage or natural gas emergency, leave the area immediately and dial our 24/7 emergency number 1-800-292-4008 or 911.






5220 Metro Park Dr

Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

(800) 292-4008



Monday-Friday 8:15AM – 5:00PM


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